Top Wedding Trends of 2020

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What’s the best part of a new decade? New wedding trends! Here are the top trends to consider as you plan your 2020 wedding.

1. Green, Please! With sustainability on the rise, many brides are opting for eco-friendly options such as creating invitations made from recycled paper, donating their florals to community events after the special day, and choosing vendors that offer environmentally safe alternatives (we can help you with that!).

2. Neutrals No Longer. Don’t be afraid to be bold this year with bright accent colors that match your personality. A pop of color can go a long way when it comes to creating a day you won’t forget!

3. All-Inclusive Menus. As more and more people give up meat for good, consider expanding your wedding menu to include those in favor of vegetarian and vegan options. After all, it must be on trend if the Golden Globes went for it!

4. Interactive Moments. What better way to create meaningful moments than to incorporative interactive activities such as donut walls, photo booths, and DIY cocktail stations? With an activity like one of these, you’re sure to get your guests up and moving before the dancing even begins!

5. LED Lighting. What’s a wedding without proper lighting? In line with 2020’s promise of bold individuality, consider neon signs for a statement that cannot be ignored.

6. Bring it to life. Gone are the days of wedding photos only. Video has become an expected element of the big day, so consider hiring a videographer to capture every moment. It’ll give you and your guests something to look back on years down the road!

7. There ain’t no party like an after party! How many weddings have you been to that you don’t want to end? Consider coordinating an after-hours after-party in the lobby of the hotel or at a bar nearby for the guests that want to continue celebrating your love.

8. Unplug & Unwind. After all the planning leading up to the big day, consider using your honeymoon as a chance to go-off-the-grid. Trust us, you won’t regret this one!

Our advice? Embrace only the trends that genuinely speak to you and your style, rather than following one simply because it’s in-the-moment. After all, your wedding should be uniquely you (we’re just hoping we sparked some new ideas)!