The Best Spots for Wedding Photos in Toledo

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Wedding Photos in Toledo

*Photo by Luckybird Photography

You want to capture everything that’s beautiful and fun in your wedding photos. The Toledo area has no shortage of great spots to capture your special day. Here are a few places that are perfect for taking photos of you, your family, your special someone, and your wedding party:

Toledo Botanical Gardens

No matter the season, the Toledo Botanical Gardens provide color and nature galore. From the old log cabin on the grounds, to the flower-lined paths and ponds, to the gently arched bridges you will find dozens of picture-perfect locations throughout the gardens.

Amtrak Station

Nestled on the outskirts of Downtown Toledo, this art deco inspired building provides great architecture, wonderful use of glass, and quirky outdoor spots the wedding party around. If you’re lucky, you may catch a train heading in or out of the station for the perfect background.

Toledo Metroparks

With over 11,000 acres spread across Northwest Ohio, the Toledo Metroparks offer so many perfect backdrops for wedding photos. You can’t make a bad choice at any one of the parks, from Swan Creek, with trails and foot bridges traversing the meandering Swan Creek, to the massive Oak Openings, an ideal blast of color in autumn, to Wildwood’s boardwalk, covered bridge, and 100-year old schoolhouse.

The Isaac Ludwig Mill

Located in the Metroparks’ Providence Park, the Isaac Ludwig Mill is a step back in time with fantastic backdrops of limestone rocks, a working, water-powered saw and gristmill, and a mule-drawn canal boat. It’s great for those searching for a rustic background.

Toledo Museum of Art

Not only does Toledo boast one of the top ten museums in the nation, it’s architecture and campus sculptures provide stunning backdrops for wedding parties. Residents and visitors alike love the Greek Ionic façade of the horizontal white marble building topped by a copper roof and marked with 16 massive columns. Its broad front steps and lawn are one of the most popular photo choices for weddings and visitors.  


Toledo’s Middlegrounds, in the heart of Downtown Toledo, follow a half-mile of river from the Anthony Wayne Bridge to the Martin Luther King Plaza. The park offers a perfect blend of urban landscape on the river, 28 acres of greenscape with walking paths and fantastic views of the Maumee River.

The Love Wall

You won’t find more love anywhere than on Toledo’s famous “Love Wall” on Adams Street in Downtown Toledo. It’s the perfect background for any event celebrating love. It even says it right on the wall: “Toledo Loves Love.”  The two-story, 65-foot long wall even has its own festival—the Toledo Loves Love Fest.  The mural covers the entire wall in bright, vibrant colors in flowing geometric shapes.

College Campuses

You will find some outstanding architecture at Lourdes University and the University of Toledo. From the first buildings to grace these campuses, to the newer ones built to seamlessly blend in with the old, you’ll find great spots with cool doorways, old steps, and plenty of foliage. Lourdes also features a grotto deep within the campus, perfect for that old-world image.