Gift Ideas for Any Guest at Your Event

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Nothing says “thank you” better than a goodie bag when it comes to showing your appreciation to your guests for their presence at your special event. Goodie bags don’t need to be complicated or break the bank. But a little extra thought goes a long way to telling your guests how special they are to you.

Here are a few ways to say, “Thanks for coming!”

Make Your Gift Seasonal

Having an autumn wedding, shower, or birthday party? Put together a goodie bag with a small bottle of local apple cider, some pumpkin-spice popcorn, and a cinnamon apple scented candle.  Summer celebrations just shout goodie bags filled with sunscreen, local honey with some artisanal crackers, a “bee” magnet, and a cool pair of funky shades.

Give it a Local Touch

Share the local products of your area with guests. In Toledo, that’s sure to mean a sample pack of peanut butter chocolate “buckeyes,” locally made Almondina cookies, and Tony Packo’s hot dog sauce and pickles.

For a more spirited goodie bag, put together a couple of bottles of locally brewed craft beer, a bottle opener, and a T-Shirt or koozie from Jupmode with our city’s classic saying, like, “You Will Do Better in Toledo.”

Go Green

Make an eco-friendly goodie bag by filling a reusable tote bag with disposable paper straws, a paraffin free candle, and seed packets.  Use leaves and a hole puncher to create confetti.  The colors in the fall would look stunning!

For After the Party

On a lighthearted note, fill a bag with some “hangover” helpers, like samples packs of ibuprofen and antacids, eyedrops, a pack of gum, a little bottle of mouthwash, and a sleep mask.

Good Old Candy to Celebrate the Good Old Days

Everyone loves to reminisce with some classic candy from their past. Stop by Maumee Valley candy store in Toledo or order some classics online and fill a bag with goodies like Necco wafers, sheets of candy buttons, Chuckles, Dots, Jujubes, JujyFruits, and Good & Plenty. Let the stories of the good old days begin once everyone peeks in their bags.

A Sweet Baby Shower Gift

Save or get some empty baby jars from friends. Whip up some quick batches of flavored butters, like honey, chipotle, and cinnamon, and shower your guests with a trio of butters wrapped in gingham ribbons.

Cup of Tea Anyone?

Pick up some vintage tea cups at estate and garage sales or second-hand stores. Fill a mesh bag with a tea cup, a variety of flavored teas, a tea diffuser, and a small package of shortbread.

For the Guys…

Need an idea for a bachelor party give away? Just fill a brown paper bag with a small bottle of bourbon, a great cigar, some nuts, and a bottle opener. Tie it with some twine and your guests will be more than happy with their little brown bag.